What should my ticket look like?

There are actually 3 different designs your tickets could have so we'll take you through them all here.

Right After Buying Them

Your ticket should look something like this - you'll see a number in the minimised ticket shape that let's you know how many tickets you've purchased and no QR codes are visible. This is to help prevent touting as much as possible before the show.

An Hour Before The Show

An hour before the show, the QR codes will appear so that they can be scanned. You should also be able to swipe between them if you have several tickets.

Box Office Collection

In some cases, you'll need to collect paper tickets from the venue's Box Office on the day of the gig. If that's the case, your ticket should look like this.

Paper Tickets

In rarer cases, we need to send you some paper tickets in the post and your in-app tickets won't work as entry. If that's the case, your ticket will look like this.