La Feria on Dimension - stream

How can I access the festival?

Dimension Ticket

Ticket with access to the interactive immersive world. Access from your computer, mobile or VR headset. This ticket also includes access to the Play ticket, so you can watch the stream from within the world or outside it. You choose!

What does immersive virtual reality mean? Immersive virtual reality provides us with tools and technologies that allow you to physically immerse yourself in a 3D environment, to interact naturally with the virtual world within the framework of living and realistic experiences.

What can I do in this world? You can go through it, watch a show, talk with other participants, access a virtual bar, interact with different elements and even fly!

Can I meet friends in the world? Yes, you can meet in a virtual space with all your friends who have a Dimension ticket.

What if I don't have a smartphone, or am unable to access the DICE app?

We've got you covered! Your unique code to access the stream will also be emailed to you one hour before the event starts. But be aware that the experience is 100% online and requires a stable internet connection.

¿What time is the stream?

This is a 2-day festival (21 Nov - 22 Nov 2020) and the shows will be on for 8 hours each day. Set times:

21st Nov.:

4 PM - 12 AM (Chile) 

9 PM - 5 AM (Europe)

22nd Nov.:

4 PM - 12 AM (Chile) 

9 PM - 5 AM (Europe)

What device and software do I need to access?

The entire experience is on a website. You won't need to download an additional app (except for DICE to purchase your ticket)

Device Browser Software
Computer PC or Mac Chrome or Firefox Windows, Linux or macOS
Smartphone* Chrome or Safari Android, Windows or iOS
Tablet* Chrome or Safari Android, Windows or iOS
Wireless VRHeadset(Oculus Go*, Oculus Quest) Oculus Browser or Firefox Reality
Wired VR Headset(Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality) Firefox (or any other compatible with WebVR)... ...or have the Oculus app or StreamVR installed

* Some functions may be limited on low power devices

How can I improve my experience?

We recommend having:

- a high-speed broadband connection,

- headphones,

- microphone.


- have one tab open only in your browser,

- close programs running in the background or that you are not using,

- learn to use the platform in the quick guide that you'll find when you enter the space.

We do not recommend using cardboard type VR viewers or similar because they will not allow you to move around in virtual space. VR headsets only allow you to look while VR headsets allow you to interact and move in the middle.

We do recommend

  -Wireless VR headsets(Oculus Go*, Oculus Quest)

 -Wired VR headsets (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality)

Can I be in several rooms simultaneously?

No, it's as if you were in a real club, so you can only be in one room at a time. Trying to enter an additional room will cut your previous session.

Can I leave and come back later?

Yes, you can come and go as many times as you want during the event. You won't need to repeat the authorization steps, just go to the link that was in your instructional email and enter the code of the room.

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