What is DICE TV? 

We were fed up with following links, forgetting about shows and being inundated with new streams, so we built DICE TV – a better way for fans to discover and stream your online events through the DICE app.

You can use DICE TV to set up paid shows for artists, raise money for a charity, or put on a free show using the video platform of your choice – YouTube (our preferred partner), Twitch, Instagram Live or Facebook Live.

What type of events can be featured on DICE TV?

Music, comedy, meditation workshops, life drawing classes - if you can live stream it, it's probably on DICE TV. All events are subject to approval by the DICE team. If your event isn’t approved we’ll be in touch to let you know why. 

Still not sure if it’s for you? Check out the app to see the types of events we’re currently featuring. 

Where is DICE TV available?

Everywhere! We’ve worked hard to update our discovery algorithms for live streams and anyone in the world can now access them. DICE will make sure that the right people see your event – no matter where they are in the world. When submitting your event make sure to tell us where you’ll be streaming from so we can get your event in front of the most relevant fans. 

Learn more about DICE TV

Contact support

If you need help submitting your event or encounter any issues then you can contact our team via email partnerservices@dice.fm. We’ll aim to get back to you within 24-48 hours but response time may take longer during busy periods.

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