How does DICE TV work?

How does a DICE TV ticket work? 

There are two ways to watch a DICE TV event: 

  1. To watch the stream on your phone, a yellow ‘Start streaming’ button will appear on your ticket when the show’s about to start – this will take you out of DICE and to the relevant streaming platform.
  2. To watch the stream on your computer, access the stream link via the on-the-day email that we’ll send you the morning of the event.  

Important things to note: 

  1. We want the artist to choose the streaming platform of their choice, which is why an event could be on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitch or Zoom. We’d recommend making sure you have accounts with these platforms to access any DICE TV stream.  
  2. Some streams require a password to enter. This will be SMS’d to you on the day or will also be included in the on-the-day email.
  3. The stream will go live at the time stated on your ticket, so please note the time zone the stream is taking place in.

If you have any questions, email

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