How do I get into a sold out show using the Waiting List?

You know what it’s like – you finally find the event you want, only to discover that it’s already sold out. But don’t worry, you don’t have to get sucked into the unforgiving (and murky) world of secondary resales. Joining the DICE Waiting List gives you a chance to get into that hot event at a fair price. Here’s how it works.

1. When a show sells out, the Waiting List is activated and fans can start signing up.

2. If a ticket holder can’t attend the show, they can easily return their tickets to DICE.

3. Those tickets are then offered to the first person on the Waiting List – so make sure your notifications are turned on and you have the app downloaded, as you’ll only have between 20 to 60 mins to snap them up using the DICE app.

4. As soon as the tickets have been accepted, a refund is processed for the fan who returned them.

Your position on the Waiting List depends on when you joined and how many tickets you want – kind of like when you’re queuing for a restaurant that doesn’t take reservations. If you only want one or two tickets, you’re more likely to get sorted out first.

Please see below for Jimothy's Guide to DICE: Waiting List

Jimothy's Guide To DICE: Waiting List from on Vimeo.

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