Delta Tour T&Cs


1. Tickets may only be purchased by individuals for personal use. Tickets may not be purchased by

brokers /businesses/traders or for business/trade purposes, or be resold/offered for resale for profit/commercial


2. This ticket is a personal, revocable licence and, at all times, remains the property of the

Promoters. This ticket must be surrendered to the Promoters upon request.

3. This ticket is sold by the Promoters directly to the Consumer. Any tickets purchased by business or

traders in breach of the Terms and Conditions of Ticket Sale will be cancelled.

4. You may not resell or transfer your Tickets. Any resale or transfer (or attempted resale or transfer) of a

ticket is grounds for seizure or cancellation of that Ticket without refund or other compensation. You are only

permitted to resell your tickets through an approved face value, fan to fan exchange platform.

5. The name of the Lead Booker will be printed on all tickets. The name cannot be changed once the

booking has been made. Where more than one ticket has been purchased, each guest in the party must arrive

with the Lead Booker at the venue on the night of the show. Failure to do so will result in the guests being

turned away. The Lead Booker will need to enter the venue at the same time as their guests.

6. The Lead Booker must provide a valid form of photo ID (original format, no photocopies) matching the

Lead Booker name on the tickets if requested to do so. Failure to provide this could result in refusal of

admission to the concert.

7. Ticket sales are limited to a maximum of 4 tickets per person. This policy is in effect to discourage and

prevent unfair ticket buying practices. Tickets are restricted to a maximum number of 4 per person, per credit or

debit card and, for some events, a restriction may apply per household as well

8. By checking this box, I agree with the Terms & Conditions of purchase, and that any tickets purchased

by businesses or traders will be cancelled.