How do I get into a sold out show using the Waiting List?

Sold out show? The Waiting List is your BFF.

If you’re desperate to get into that hot show that’s sold out then you can just hit “Join the Waiting List” - if there is one - select the number of tickets you’re looking for and you’ll get a notification if those tickets become available. Please note if there are multiple different types of tickets for the same event you can only sign up for one section per show.

If you change your mind or want more or less tickets then you’ll be able change this as simple as 1, 2, 3 right in the app. You can also leave the line if your plans have changed.

If you’re successful, we’ll let you know by SMS or a push notification and you’ll get an hour window in which to buy these tickets, so be prepared to move quickly. If you miss them don’t worry you can just add yourself back to the queue and you’ll be offered tickets as soon as more are available.

Pro tip; if you sign up for just one or two tickets, you’re more likely to get into the gig, as these are the most frequently returned amount of tickets.

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