We can’t give these out for every show and we’re trying to not give them out for any show, but sometimes this is impossible.

This is where things kinda get complicated and confusing, while we are 100% mobile - you still have to buy these tickets through the app or access the app at some point - we do sometimes post tickets as the venue or promoter request or require it. However, DICE partner venues are 100% mobile only.

If you've purchased tickets for an event where paper tickets are required, you will receive a prompt to provide your address post-purchase and there will be a postage fee included in the ticket price. Once you’ve done this, things are plain sailing for you and it’s pretty much the same process as with other paper tickets. Tickets are likely to arrive a few days before the gig happens. if you don’t receive any prompts, paper tickets aren’t required or available.

If anything changes between you entering your address, eg. you move, then get in touch and we’ll make sure you can update your details. Use this link here to either add or update your address. Before you click it, make sure you’re on your device with DICE installed and logged into the app, it’ll save you time, promise.

If you want a paper ticket as a souvenir that’s not something we can do, soz.

Superstar tip: If you have any issues with your tickets the venue should be able to check you off the back-up door list we send them if they can confirm you are who you say you are. This will probably take you a little longer, so try and make sure you’re able to get your tickets.

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