How do I give a DICE ticket to my mate?

With ease, you’ll be happy to know, using our Send To A Friend feature.

Some quick things:

  1. You can only transfer tickets between DICE accounts, so your pal is gonna need to download the app and register before you can send it over.
  2. Transferring a ticket doesn’t involve any transfer of £$€ so you’ll need to sort that yourself, or not at all if you’re giving a gift of a gig (what a great gift, eh?).
  3. We recommend transferring you tickets as soon as possible, because those deadlines are annoyingly subject to change.

Head into the app and go to your ticket list, which you can find at the bottom of the screen on the menu bar if you’re new here. If the option to transfer is available you’ll see icon A, if it’s not you see icon B.



From here you should be able to see a couple of options depending on what’s available. If the show is sold out and you wanna return your tickets there’s some light reading you can do here.

If Send To A Friend isn’t available, you’ll see this screen.

If it though, then select Send To A Friend and you’ll then be asked to put in your friend’s number. Please (please please please) make sure they’ve already created an account or this is not going to work. After you’ve entered their number you’ll be able to select the number of tickets you want to send. Just make sure they don’t max out the ticket limit for the event.

Tap the pretty yellow “Send Tickets” button and you’ll get one last confirmation screen, so if you have a last minute wobble you can choose “Cancel” or “OK”.  If everything is good to go you’ll see a green screen appear before you like an apparition from our lord and saviour, Lorde.

If the option isn’t available this means you can’t transfer your tickets. There are lots of factors involved in this decision and a lot of the time it’s one that we can’t influence, but we recommend you double check the event description or those icons as this will let you know before you buy tickets if you’ll be able to transfer your tickets.

If you’ve been transferred a ticket but can’t make it, you’re gonna need to email us. This is because, as we explained, the ticket transfer feature just moves the ticket between accounts, but the purchase is still linked to the original ticket holder, so they get the refund and we need to check you know that before you go ahead. Drop us a line at and we’ll get back to you ASAP.