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Got a ticket for a show stateside? Here’s your easy guide to DICE.

Hello you guys. It’s time to shake up ticketing, so that’s what we’re doing. There’s lots of things to learn about the world of DICE which is why you’re having a peek at our HELP CENTRE. If you pop over here then you’ll find out more of the basics. All the information for fans is applicable to you guys too, there just a few notes we wanna make to try and make things less confusing.

  • Will Call - if you see any mention of a ‘Box Office’ this is basically British for Will Call collections, you’ll need to make sure you have valid ID with you to get your tickets before heading into the show, take this with you along with your in-app tickets.
  • We say gig, you say show. It’s the same amazing thing, and you’re going to have a great time, we just know it.

If anything else seems unfamiliar, then let us know  

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