Let’s talk about fees, baby

DICE was created to make it easy for fans to discover and buy tickets. And to stop touts or scalpers reselling tickets and pricing fans out. Key to that is changing how the industry works regarding ticket pricing – and we’re at the forefront of that change.

We tell you the full price upfront

With DICE, what you see is what you get when it comes to price. We believe the cost of providing the ticket should be built into the price, just like the cost of hiring the venue, providing the lights or setting up the sound.

What about Face Value Tickets?

We believe it’s misleading when a “face value” price is promoted. Not only do we think that, the Advertising Standards rule that. When you go to the corner shop to buy milk they don’t advertise that it’s 47p + shop costs. It’s 69p.

So DICE doesn’t sell tickets for £10 + £1 fees. It’s £11.

We are fully supportive and compliant with the Advertising Guidance rules that state all ticket companies should show the full price upfront. In fact, to our knowledge, we’re still the only ticket company that can advertise the price in ads because we only show the real price.  

What are Booking Fees?

You may think that ticket companies keep all of the booking fee themselves but they’re typically split with different parties depending on the deal – including the promoter, artists and venues.

When DICE launched, we made a big deal of Best Gigs, No Booking Fees and we didn’t add anything to any price while we figured it out. This was because ticket companies were hiding the fees until the final purchase page and weren’t clear what the fees were. Most no longer do that.

99% of the time DICE tickets are cheaper than anywhere else.

We would say 100% but our lawyers told us to cover our arses just in case.

We generate more money for artists and promoters by selling tickets to their shows effectively, including our own Refund / Waiting List technology. But pretending the whole booking fee is there to cover ticketing admin costs is disingenuous.

Our prices sometimes include a fee but often we don't make anything at all - usually to help an amazing new artist. In fact, as of May 2018, 48% of shows on DICE had no fees at all. For the other 52% of shows, we include a fee in the price and this has allowed us to invest in talent, technology and our partnerships. We have a full time creative team that is on a mission to help great artists find a bigger audience.

Paper tickets - pls make them stop

In rare cases, a venue forces us to send fans paper tickets. We hate doing this since it’s a complete waste of human energy and it means we have to charge you a postage fee to cover the costs, which we don’t want to do. It’s getting a lot less frequent these days and our goal is for every venue to be paperless.

We think long term and will always invest in great new talent because that’s who we care about and we think you guys do too.

Why the price of a Waiting List ticket may be more than the original price

When a show sells out, we increase the original price by a small fee (average price in April 2018 was just over £2 per ticket) and split it with the artist. This funds running the service and allows us to invest in new product development. It’s win-win for doing the right thing (ie stopping touts or scalpers).

That means when someone gets a refund and a ticket comes available you know exactly how much you need to pay ahead of buying the ticket.

Over 100,000 people have been able to get their hands on tickets for sold-out events via DICE Waiting List. Not only does this protect you from insane prices, but it helps support DICE and our partners.


  • Our only customer is the fan. We will continue to make it easy to discover your next favourite artist and do it for the best possible price.
  • DICE will always tell you up front what the final price of the ticket is.
  • We want to be not only the fastest place to buy tickets but the cheapest too.
  • Don’t be tricked by “Face Value” Tickets. The price you see should be the price you pay.
  • DICE makes money but we are committed to delivering the best price possible to fans by investing in amazing technology. 
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