A whole new world

Discover your favourite new band on DICE.

When we started DICE, we didn’t just want to change the live music experience for the better, we wanted you to get more out of us. You see, as you’re probably aware, we’re not just any old ticketing company, we’re your ticketing company, I mean we’re more music discovery if you ask me, but that’s the point. We not only want you to come and get into your fave band’s gig, we want to tell you about your new fave band. Link your Spotify or Apple Music account, get browsing the app and as you use the app more we’ll be able to let you know when that new fave band of yours is coming to town.

Linking your music streaming account is so easy. Head to your profile page, hit the Spotify or Apple Music logo, log in with your account of choice and our recommendation engine will get to work making your Discovery experience smoother than smooth.

Wanna be even more proactive than that? Well, we’ve got a playlist for you. Follow MOVES, which the entire office argues about every week, and see what new bands and artists we’ve been blaring out or rinsing on our headphones. 

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