How do I get an account?

All you need to sign up for DICE is a mobile phone number. Enter this, add some basic details and give them a good once over coz typos are no fun. You’ll receive a login code via SMS each and every time as you’ll be logged out of the app automatically if you’re not active. Easy.

To pay for your tickets, it doesn’t get easier than DICE. You can do this via your card, Apple Pay or Google Pay. It’s super simple to add your card details and remove them. If you want to delete your card details or add a new card, simply go to the checkout of any On Sale event in DICE and swipe left over your current card. This will bring up an option to delete. We don’t currently offer PayPal support, soz.

Then when you get to the gig, just show the ticket in the app at the venue door. Screenshots of DICE tickets or your confirmation email are not valid forms of entry. This is all to help keep your ticket safe and cut down on touting.

Make sure you take valid photo ID with you to validate your ticket, even if you’re like a 100 years old, some venues operate “no ID, no entry” policies so we’d hate for you to miss out on a technicality like that. We recommend a driving license or passport.  

Looking for set times? If we’ve got them, they’ll be on the event details page. We always ask for these, but as they are often subject to change, they aren’t always shared publicly.

While we don’t advise you delete DICE at any point, obv, if you do you’re not going to lose your tickets. They’ll all be there when you decide to DICE up your life again. Just be aware if you change your mobile number we’re gonna need you to update that with our support team.

If you need to update any other details linked to your account here’s what to do:

Email - if you head to the account page in the app, you should be able to tap your email and edit this yourself, so if there’s a typo or if you’ve rushed and gone for a dot con instead of dot com, don’t sweat it.

Name - Okay, so yeah you’re gonna need to email us about this. Get hitched? Just fancied change or embarking on a new period in your life, that’s all good. It’s best if the name in the app, matches your name on your ID for security reasons. If you want someone to use your ticket then in most circumstances you should be able to transfer it to them, more on that here.

DOB - Recently become our ruling monarch? Well you’ve got a new birthday, you’ll have to change your date of birth on DICE. This is probably a typo if you need this change, so hit us up as one of the team will need to help you out.

If you straight up want to delete your account then please contact us at and we’ll cut the metaphorical cord. 

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