Sam Smith Tour Info

If you were luckily enough to purchase tickets to one of the Sam Smith dates, here's some extra information that may come in handy.

Can I transfer my tickets?

For security reasons, it's not possible to transfer tickets or change the name they've been purchased under for these shows to try and minimise the possibility of touting as much as possible.

I just realised I can't make the show - can I return my tickets?

For the meantime, returns are disabled for these shows but that might change in future - hold tight for now and contact us in a few weeks if you still can't make it.

When will my tickets be posted out?

We won't be sending out your tickets until much nearer the event's date and will be in touch in future to keep you up to date with any postage updates. You can email us at with any specific questions about your postal address.

Where will my specific seats be?

Right now you should know which section you've purchased in but not the specific seats. We'll be in touch in the next few months to let you know where they'll be and hopefully give you an option of picking them too. We can guarantee that your seats will be together.

If you have any other questions, you can always email us at