Rock En Seine: Extra Info

This ticket is unique and nominative.
Please bring your personal identification document containing your photo (ID, passport, driving license, visa…).
3 day tickets holders will receive a wristband at the entrance of the festival. Please note that this wristband is non-transferable and must not be tampered with, cut or removed. Make sure to keep this ticket and the wristband until the end of the event.
Please don’t let anyone make copies, photos or recordings of your ticket, as all rights related to it are solely represented by the indicated code (barcode or QR code). Please do not buy tickets (or entry wristbands) from unofficial retailers, as those tickets might be invalid.
Be careful on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, …), do not share photos of your ticket : people may copy it which will prevent you from being able to use it.

The gates open at :
– 2 pm Friday and Saturday
– 1 pm Sunday
Performances will start around an hour after the gates open.

In order to improve your comfort and to reduce the wait at the points of sale, Rock en Seine is setting up a cashless payment system on the festival.
Take care of all your purchases at the festival, without any coins, banknote and without a credit card thanks to a chip hidden in your festival wristband.
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Access to the festival is :
- forbidden for children under 3 years old
- not recommended for children under 6 years old
- free for children under 11 years old

IMPORTANT : To be prepared for the festival, please check :

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